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Top Maintenance Tips for a Wood-Burning Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces are widely used in North American homes as they are affordable, convenient and easily available. Knowing how to maintain them is vital to ensure their proper function. From burning clean seasoned wood to lighting the fire, you should consider every aspect to make sure that the fireplace is burning properly. If you have a wooden fireplace in your […]

Important Fireplace Buying Tips

Fireplaces are common in many North American homes. Different types of fireplaces are available based on the fuel required. If you’re looking to buy a fireplace for your home or planning to exchange the existing one, keep reading this blog post as we are going over some important buying tips. Give a purpose to the fireplace A fireplace is generally the focal point […]

8 Tips to Style a Fireplace Mantel

A well-decorated fireplace mantel adds to the style and charm of your living room. From placing decorative items to fixing portraits of your loved ones on the shelf of the mantel, you can try different ways to add a unique touch to this space. As a fireplace is usually the focal point in a living room, you should style it […]

How to Reduce Fireplace Pollution

When you burn wood, smoke is produced which leads to air pollution. Many North American homes can’t survive without a fireplace due to extreme cold weather conditions. Hence, avoiding fireplace use long-term is not a solution. Instead, it’s better to find ways to use a fireplace while minimizing the pollution. If you have a fireplace in your home, then keep […]

Top Benefits of Wood Burning Inserts

Wood fireplaces are traditional hearths that have been keeping the indoors of many homes warm for ages. These fireplaces are eco-friendly and heat rooms evenly which makes them quite popular. These days, the wood burning inserts are the upgraded versions of the age-old wood fireplaces. Along with heating living spaces, they enhance the appearance of your home bringing in a […]

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