Top Fireplace Ideas for a Living Room

In North American countries, a living room is incomplete without a fireplace. They add to the appeal of the living space and make it cozy. From traditional, farmhouse, modern to contemporary, there are many styles available for fireplaces in Mississauga. As a homeowner, you need to choose from these styles so that it suits the interior of your home.

In this blog post by Ontario Hearth, we are going over a few fireplace ideas that will add style to your living space and increase its aesthetic value. Keep reading to know more.

  • Glass Enclosure

A glass enclosure that reaches the height of the ceiling will surround the fireplace. It will revamp the appearance of your living room. This set up is best suited for contemporary décor styles where sectional sofas and simple coffee tables are the only furniture pieces.

  • No Mantel

A fireplace without a mantel provides a sleek look to the living space. The hearth fits snugly into the stone feature wall without creating a loud impact on the room. For modern décor styles, this is a good option.

  • Built-in Shelving

A fireplace with built-in cabinets draws attention to the room. They create a sense of balance and symmetry and add a wow factor to the place. They are appropriate for simple and modern décor styles.

  • Copper

To add a rustic touch to your room, fix a copper fireplace surrounding. This is different and stands out from the other types and establishes itself as the focal point of a room.

  • Brick

A brick wall with a fireplace installed in it is an age-old style and is equally popular now. The large sized bricks with a painting above the hearth create a unique style statement and add warmth to the room.

  • White Painted

Add a twist to the brick wall by painting it white. This looks best when all the décor is in white to bring in a parity and is apt for a modern décor home. Also, choose furniture pieces that are upholstered in white.

  • Mosaic Tile

A mosaic tile surround adds a fun factor to the room. This looks great if you have a neutral surrounding from the wall paints and furniture pieces. It also breaks the monotony in a room.

  • Colours and Patterns

Include colours and patterns in the fireplace surroundings to make a style statement that’s striking. To create a balance, place neutral furniture pieces.

  • Gloss Surrounding

The fireplace is placed against a black gloss wall that acts as a beautiful addition to the room. This is unique in its style and is apt if you’re looking for something extraordinary. This looks posh and adds value to your home.

  • Carved Detailing

The carved detailed set around the fireplace is an antique style and is best incorporated if you like grand décor. Make sure the detailing matches the interior of your home for a greater visual appeal.

  • Marble

A fireplace fixed against a marble slab surrounding looks elegant and complements modern décor styles. Keep minimal decoration in the room to make it look striking.

  • Wood

Though a common choice for fireplaces, a wood surrounding is the best way to style your hearth. It creates a unique rustic ambience.

Choose a fireplace idea from the above-listed ones that best suits your tastes and the décor of your home. Then, implement it to decorate your hearth and get compliments from your guests and friends. If you’re looking to buy different types of fireplaces in Mississauga, then visit our site and check out the variety available.

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