Important Fireplace Buying Tips

Fireplaces are common in many North American homes. Different types of fireplaces are available based on the fuel required. If you’re looking to buy a fireplace for your home or planning to exchange the existing one, keep reading this blog post as we are going over some important buying tips.

  • Give a purpose to the fireplace

A fireplace is generally the focal point of a home. It adds to the décor of your home and also keeps it warm during harsh cold weather. When buying a new fireplace, you need to know what it’s purpose will be. For instance, if you’re buying it for decoration, then it may be a good idea to buy a more modern design.

  • The different types of fireplaces

To choose a fireplace for your home, you need to understand the different types available:

  • Fireplace inserts

These inserts are convenient, user-friendly and take very little time to install. They come with an array of benefits such as improving air quality, updating the appearance of a room, stopping cold drafts and reducing the heating bills. They are available in several styles such as gas, wood and pellet inserts.

  • Stoves

Stoves are cost-effective and highly efficient. The maintenance cost to run these stoves is also very low which is a good thing for your budget. Choose stoves that have thick, adjustable door latches and durable hinges. You can customize wood, gas and pellet stoves based on your preference.

  • Choose the fuel type

A fireplace runs on different fuel types such as wood, gas, electricity and pellets. Find about them in details below:

  • Natural gas

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. For low maintenance and cleaner air, this is a right fuel type. Most natural gas fireplaces come with a thermostat which makes them easily adjustable using a remote control.

  • Wood

Wood is a renewable fuel source. If you like the cracking sound and the feel of a wood burning fireplace, then you should select this type. It also reduces the heating bill. With modern technology, an array of advanced and environment-friendly wood stoves, inserts and fireplaces are available.

  • Pallets

If you prefer carbon neutral and renewable fuel, then this is a great choice. They are small and compact made of compressed organic materials of uniform pieces that create heat and flame when burned.

  • Take a few measurements

You should consider the size of the room when you’re going to buy a fireplace. This is because if you purchase a larger fireplace and your room is small, then it will overheat the room. If you’re going to buy a fireplace insert, then make sure you know the size of the existing masonry.

If you consider all the above-listed tips before buying a fireplace, then you can never go wrong with the purchase. We provide different types of fireplaces in Mississauga. Call us and request a quote today!

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