Top Maintenance Tips for a Wood-Burning Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces are widely used in North American homes as they are affordable, convenient and easily available. Knowing how to maintain them is vital to ensure their proper function. From burning clean seasoned wood to lighting the fire, you should consider every aspect to make sure that the fireplace is burning properly. If you have a wooden fireplace in your home, then this blog post is meant for you as we are going over all its essential maintenance tips.

  • Open the damper and check

You should open the damper an ensure the passage is clear. Use a flashlight and check whether there is anything blocking the chimney. When the damper is kept open, birds or other creatures can climb inside to enjoy the warmth. Falling leaves can also block the chimney. If you notice any obstacle, then call for a professional inspection as soon as possible.

  • Clean the fireplace ashes, dirt and debris

You should clean the firebox often as it can contain ashes, dirt and other debris that accumulates over months. Leaving these waste products is dangerous as they can be hazardous to your health.

NOTE- The deadly by-product emitted by the smoke it creates air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and other volatile organic compounds. These toxins can lead to health problems like asthma in children and adults.

  • Choose the right wood to minimize smoke

If you choose the right wood, then you will be able to reduce the smoke created by the fireplace. For instance, dry woods burn efficiently and also causes less smoke. The firewood should be dry or seasoned for six to twelve months or more.

NOTE- Hardwoods such as oak and orchard dry slower than softwoods such as fir and pine. To find out if the wood is dry, take two pieces and clap them together and listen for a cracking sound.

  • Open the damper when you are ready to use the fireplace

When you start the fire, make sure the damper is wide open.  This will get rid of the unwanted smoke through the chimney ensuring a clean environment in the indoor.

  • Add logs once the fire is burning

To start the fire, crumple a few sheets of newspaper and a smaller piece of softwood such as pine or fir. Once the fire starts, add two or three hardwood logs like oak. Make sure they are close enough to keep each other warm but keep enough room for the circulation of the oxygen.

NOTE- A small fire created at first keep the dirty smoke to a minimum.

  • Check the smoke outside

You should check the smoke that is released into the air through the chimney of your home. A cloud of smoke indicates that the fire wasn’t lit properly or it’s burning incorrectly. A good fire will produce a thin white stream while a badly lit fire will produce black smoke.

Additional Tips

  • Install carbon monoxide and smoke alarms and ensure they are working properly
  • When the fire is burning, keep away the combustible materials such as drapes and carpets
  • Clean the ashes from the ash pit once in a while to avoid the accumulation of unwanted debris
  • Have a professional clean the chimney once a year

If you follow the above-mentioned maintenance tips, then it’s not difficult for you to keep the fireplace of your home clean and environment-friendly. If you’re looking to buy wooden fireplaces in Mississauga, then contact us and we will help you choose from the wide variety available.

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