Spruce Up the Fireplace of Your Home with These Trending Décor Ideas

A fireplace is one of the main attractions of a living space. You can spruce up your fireplace in a way that will instantly bring a wow factor to your home. In fact, with the proper décor, your hearth can easily become the centrepiece of your home.

In this blog-post, we are highlighting some of the trending décor ideas for hearths that you can try in your home. Read on!

  • Interesting Colours

Choose a vibrant colour and paint the walls around the fireplace. You can also accessorize the shelf above the hearth with decorative home décor items and a painting. Adding these splashes of colour will help it really pop especially if you choose complementary colours.

  • Marble Accents

You have seen marble floors, but how about marble walls around the hearth? The simplicity of the marble accentuates the place with grace and makes it a striking part of your home. Complement this look with a custom mirror above the hearth.

  • Classic Brick Finish

A brick finish fireplace is what most people think of when they imagine a fireplace. With today’s technology, however, there are many variations but several of them keep this classic style at their core. Another option is to install different cut mirrors above the fireplace and create a style statement in your home.

  • Artwork

Limestone mantel acts as a perfect backdrop to complement vibrant artistic work fixed on the adjoining walls. Fix interesting cabinets on both the sides of the hearth and create an artistic feel to your living room. If you’re fond of art, then you will love this style.

  • Dramatic Contrast

Your love for unconventional décor themes will be perfectly defined if you choose dramatic contrast for the hearth of your home. Simple white walls around the fireplace against a beige wall will look temperate and create tranquillity in your place. You can also fix a mirror at the top of the hearth for a little-added zen.

  • Tile Finish

Tiles around the fireplace look brilliant. Don’t choose boring tile styles, instead, opt for stylish tiles that will blend well with the fireplace and make it look amazing. You can fix elegant lighting accessories and complement the place

  • Mosaic Look

The bright colours of mosaic complement the hearth of your home like nothing else. In tropical places, people opt for mosaic tiles for its vibrancy. If you’re fond of bright colours then select this home décor idea.

By following the above-listed décor ideas, you can improve your home’s hearth and create a style statement that reflects your personality. Ontario Hearth is one of the leading companies offering fireplace wall refacing, installation and other services. If you’re looking to get your hearth replaced or walls refaced, contact us for a free quote.

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