Top Benefits of Wood Burning Inserts

Wood fireplaces are traditional hearths that have been keeping the indoors of many homes warm for ages. These fireplaces are eco-friendly and heat rooms evenly which makes them quite popular. These days, the wood burning inserts are the upgraded versions of the age-old wood fireplaces. Along with heating living spaces, they enhance the appearance of your home bringing in a rustic flavour. You can also reduce your electricity bills by incorporating this urban fireplace in your home.

To know more about the other benefits associated with this hearth, keep reading and learn why this can be a good investment.

  • Energy efficient

With the latest innovative designs, wood burning inserts can conserve energy as some are over 80% efficient. You won’t have to worry about losing heat through the chimney as recent models are designed to conserve heat. The heat distributor fan of the advanced venting system pushes down the heat preventing it from escaping through the chimney. In this way, wood burning hearths generate hotter and a longer-lasting fire. Furthermore, you don’t have to add extra fuel to keep the fire burning.

  • Eco-friendly

Firewood is a renewable and sustainable source of fuel. They are also considered as carbon-neutral by the Carbon Trust. If you fear the combustion of carbon by-products inside your living space, then rest assured as present-day wood burning inserts are designed to release the harmful pollutants safely into the atmosphere. These days, wood fireplaces discharge less than 1 gram of smoke per hour. This amount adheres to the clean air standards of Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Affordable

Wood burning inserts are cost-effective hearth options as your heating bills will be reduced. One load of wood can burn up to 8 hours if it is placed in the right fireplace insert. In this way, you can keep the indoors warm for longer and beat back the chilly weather. The insulation (places around a hearth insert when it is fixed) will stop hot air from spilling out. The glass doors of the inserts will also prevent downdraft (a downward current or draught of air) worries.

  • Lower Maintenance Cost

The maintenance and repair costs aren’t much for wood burning inserts. This is because when they are installed they come with warranties that cover the future repairs. Also, there is no need for renovating the brick firesides. If a warranty expires, then replacing a damaged insert is inexpensive compared to a masonry hearth.

  • Modish Design and Striking Features

Are you looking to uplift the face of your living space? If so, then wood burning inserts are the right choice for you. These heating appliances instantly augment the appearance of your room and add a contemporary or traditional touch. There is a variety of different models available for this heating option. You can also enjoy their striking features such as heat distributor fans, thermostat control and self-cleaning glasses.

The above-listed advantages are the reasons why wood burning inserts are popular. From saving you money to heating the indoors evenly, these are sensible investments.

Ontario Hearth is a licensed dealer of gas, electric and wood fireplaces. You can check them out and make a selection for your home.

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