8 Tips to Style a Fireplace Mantel

A well-decorated fireplace mantel adds to the style and charm of your living room. From placing decorative items to fixing portraits of your loved ones on the shelf of the mantel, you can try different ways to add a unique touch to this space. As a fireplace is usually the focal point in a living room, you should style it the way that best suits you and your taste.

To help you out, we are going over a few tips to style a fireplace mantel in this blog post by Ontario Hearth.

  1. Fix mirrors or an antique mirror

Mirrors are a great addition to a fireplace mantel as they add glamour to space. They also create an illusion of more space. You can add one antique mirror at the centre or place two sleek frameless mirrors side by side to create a balance.

  1. Place paintings and portraits

Add a personal touch to this spot by keeping portraits or paintings of your choice on the mantel shelf. A painting acts as a signature style in most of the homes and increases its visual appeal. You can also keep a portrait of your beloved or place multiple photo frames on the shelf to add warmth.

  1. Balance items on the shelf

If you like uniformity in a room, then choose the symmetrical arrangement of décor items on the mantel. For instance, place two vases on both the sides and a picture in the centre to create better balance in the room.

NOTE-  For a contemporary style, try an asymmetrical arrangement of décor items on the mantel shelf. Place many décor items on one side and keep the other side empty to create an imbalance. This looks quirky and different.

  1. Add seasonal décor items

This is not an all-year-round way to style a fireplace mantel. But, you can try this tip on special occasions like Christmas when you can place a wreath at the centre on the mantel top. You can also display your crockery sets such as wine or champagne flutes to add a festive flavour to the room.

  1. Add books and your other favourite things on the shelf

If you spend hours near your fireplace, then you might like to keep your favourite books or other items like a notebook on the shelf of the mantel. This adds a personal touch to space and makes it look appealing. But, arrange the books in an interesting way to beautify the appearance of the room.

  1. Add sculpted items

Adding sculpted items is an artistic way to style this area. You can place these items along with others like vases, plants and books. With this arrangement, you can make this a focal point.

  1. Add candle stands

Placing candle stands on the mantel top is an age-old way of decorating this space. But, this idea is still widely used as it’s convenient and simple. Get designer candle stands and arrange them on both sides to create a balance.

  1. Paint it black

Painting the exterior wall around the fireplace with a black paint creates a style statement for modern homes. This also covers the smoke stains if any exist without any effort.

If you have a fireplace in your home, then implement the above-listed tips and redecorate your fireplace mantel. Choose one that will best suit the interior of your home and then execute it to get flooded with compliments from your friends and family.

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