Tunnel-Indoor-Outdoor Clear Fireplaces by Ortal

Tunnel Indoor-Outdoor Clear



Brand - Ortal
Area Size - sq ft
Type - Linear, SeeThru

With the Indoor/Outdoor fireplace, Ortal has connected your home’s interior and exterior by combining the luxury of an indoor fireplace with the magnificence of a modern outdoor fireplace. The see-through design doubles as a window. With Ortal’s unique Cool Wall Technology, artwork or electronics can be hung on the inside wall. Available in Tunnel sizes (between 60 and 250 | high and standard).

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Fireplace Specifications

Model -

Model # 60X80

  • Viewing Area – 21 3/4″ X 29 1/8″
  • NG – Max BTU/hr 29,100 | Efficiency 77.8%
  • LP – Max BTU/hr 22,100 | Efficiency 74.3%
  • Vent – 4X6 Co-Axial Direct Vent Pipe (4″ interior, 6″ exterior). Optional Ortal 35CVS Power Vent System (Inline and Flush) using 3X5 Co-Axial Direct Vent CVS pipe (3″ interior, 5″ exterior)
  • Heat Barrier – Double Glass
  • Interiors – Standard matte black interior
  • Controls – Remote (included), Wall Switch & Smart Home Compatible (optional)

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