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Renaissance Rumford 1000B Features:
~ 10” RIS chimney ~ 1023 sq in. of ceramic glass
~ Minimum chimney height – 12‘
~ Superior vertical fire viewing experience
~ 3.0 grams/kg emissions with the door open ~ 1.0 grams/kg emissions with the door closed
~ Built-in guillotine glass door and firescreen combination+

Glass viewing Size
29 1/2″W x 31 1/2″H

Firebox Dimensions
27 1/2″W front 13 1/2″W back
12 3/4″ deep

Outside Dimensions
51”W X 80¼”H X 28¼“D

Gas Log Provision:
These fireplaces have an access panel to accept an aftermarket gas log assembly. No installation of a gas lighter in any Renaissance fireplace due to the high firebox temperatures that will burn out the log lighter very quickly.

Firewood Length: (Varying depending on stacking method)
The shape of the Rumford firebox is not square, therefore depending upon where and how you place your logs, different sized pieces may fit. Laid flat, 20″ logs will fit nicely at the front of the firebox, but only 13″ logs will fit at the back. Stacked in.



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