Plantation 48



Brand - Astria
Area Size - sq ft
Type - Traditional

The Plantation is an manufactured woodburning fireplace. 48” wide and an astounding 42” tall with slant back design. It includes a hearth floor that’s only 1 ½ inches above the ground. It’s the only UL 127 fireplace with a flush floor finish like the highest quality traditional masonry fireplaces. The Plantation uses Mosaic Masonry firebrick “splits” in a custom herringbone pattern.

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Firplace Specifications

Model -

Model # F0692 - Wood Fireplace Herringbone

Model Plantation 48Framing Width60-7/8″

Framing Height76-3/8″ with hearth spacers, 71-1/2″ with no spacers

Framing Depth31-5/8″

Venting USA12DM  Venting Canada12HT

Warranty 20 Year Limited Warranty

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Radiant design with a 42″ tall opening
Tall “Rumford” Design  with pitched rear wall
flush hearth floor design (hearth spacer required for combustible floor installations)
split brick herringbone pattern in ivory or warm red.
heavy duty cast iron log grate with rugged forged andirons
easy access damper control